Horse theft in Winslow and Swanbourne, 1807

Northampton Mercury, 9 January 1808

LOST, supposed to be Stolen,

ON Sunday Night the 20th, or early Monday Morning the 21st of December, 1807, out of a Ground called Cow-Pasture Close, in Shipton Field, in the Parish of Winslow, Bucks.

A GREY HORSE, of the Nag Kind,

About 15 Hands high, rising 5 Years old, his Legs have been haired, but are now very rough, has a cut Tail, a Blaze in the Forehead, and white off hind Leg.

LOST also, supposed to be Stolen, from a Farm called Dodley-Hill, in the Parish of Swanbourne, in the Occupation of Daniel Basely.

A BAY HORSE, of the Nag Kind,

About 15 Hands high, rising 6 Years old, with a Star in his Forehead, and two white Heels behind.

These two horses are supposed to be stolen by two Men who have been lurking about in the Neighbourhood for some Days past, and would give no Account of themselves.  One of them had a Pistol concealed under his Coat: They slept at the Crown, at Winslow, on Saturday the 19th of December, and left the Shoulder-of-Mutton Public-house, at Little-Horwood, on Sunday Evening about Eight o’Clock, having drank 15 Pints of Beer, which they did not pay for.

One Man is described as having only one Eye, and goes by the name of NELSON; and the other as a smart quick little Man, with dark Eyes, and goes by the Name of CHARLES KENT. – They have not since been heard of.

Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, if stolen, shall receive a Reward of TWENTY POUNDS for each Horse, on Conviction:  If strayed, all reasonable Expences will be paid by WILLIAM WILSON, of Winslow, and DANIEL BASELY, of Swanbourne aforesaid.


Cowpasture Close was in the north-east corner of the parish of Winslow, where it joins Swanbourne and Little Horwood, and the thieves would only have had a short journey across the fields from there to Dodley Hill.

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